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Account locked or under review? Here are the reasons why.

25 Nov 2023

GoTyme Bank has intensified its security controls by temporarily disabling accounts identified to have suspicious transactions for the protection of its customers, prevent fraudulent activities, and to keep banking safe and secure.

Locking or subjecting accounts for review is a standard bank practice for accounts suspected of being used for fraudulent or malicious activities. If this has happened to your account, here’s a brief explanation of the possible reasons why, and what you can do.


  1. Is it possible for my bank account to get “locked” or put “under review”?
    Answer: Yes, there are circumstances that could lead to accounts getting locked as a measure aimed at ensuring compliance with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) regulations, as well as to preserve the trust that you, our clients, have placed on us. Here are a few circumstances commonly resulting to restrictions in bank accounts:
    • The account was reported to be involved in unauthorized transactions, scam, or fraudulent activity.
    • During investigation, the account was proven to be involved in unauthorized transactions, scam, or fraudulent activity.
    • The account was opened using information and documents that have since been found to be unreliable and would require immediate attention from the customer.
    • There is reasonable cause to believe that the account may be potentially in contravention of our Terms and Conditions.

  2. What does it mean when my GoTyme Bank account is placed “under review”?
    Answer: An account under review means that your account has been placed on temporary debit and / or credit hold. This means that you cannot deposit, withdraw, transfer funds, and make payments using your account. However, you can still login, check your account and Go Save balances, and use your Go Rewards QR code for in-store purchases.

  3. How can I clear my GoTyme Bank account if it is placed under account review?

    Answer: It is important to immediately respond to or get in touch with GoTyme Bank through its official communication channels. Accounts that are on hold may be reactivated upon completion of the bank’s requirements. You may contact GoTyme Bank’s Customer Success Team anytime for proper guidance and coordination.

    • Call us at #GO8888 (#468888)

    • Email us at

    • Chat with us in the GoTyme Bank app

    Upon submission, a formal investigation will be done to validate the information and requested documents to determine if the review status can be lifted. 


If you feel you've become a victim of any suspicious activities, learn what you can do HERE.
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