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Beware of Phishing Scams

28 Oct 2022

Here are common types of online phishing:

  1. Email phishing
    • Attacker sends unsolicited emails with malicious link or suspicious attachments. The link leads you to phishing website to collect your information while the attachment may be harmful to your mobile device or computer.
    • ** TIPS – always check the sender email address if it’s legit or if the email came from an unknown sender.
  2. SMS phishing (Smishing)
    1. Attacker disguises as an official agency sends text messages via SMS or free messaging apps with malicious link to potential victims. The malicious link usually leads to phishing website.
  3. Voice phishing (Vishing)
    1. Attacker impersonates a government official or company staff to ask for potential victim to provide sensitive personal information, such as providing login passcode or OTP.
  4. Spear phishing
    1. Type of email phishing that is targeted at employees of specific organisation. This method is used with intent to penetrate and gain access to target organisation’s internal network.
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