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Protect your data on your mobile devices

28 Oct 2022

Mobile apps collect user data for various reasons. In most cases, user data is collected for certain app functions to work correctly. In other cases, user data is collected for sales and marketing purposes as well as analytics to improve their services and app experience.


Here are some data that your apps might have access to on your device: 

  • Location
  • Photos / Media / Files
  • Contacts
  • Microphone and Camera
  • Phone Number and Email Address
  • Emails or texts
  • Calendar information
  • Network information
  • Device information
  • Installed apps
  • Advertisement activity
  • App performance such as crash logs


Take control of data you share: 

  • Check and control permissions that you allow for your apps
  • Remove apps that you do not use 
  • Avoid using apps that ask for unnecessary app permissions
  • Only install apps from official app stores
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