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Mobile banking best practices

28 Oct 2022

How to bank safely: 

  1. Use strong passcode/password to secure your online banking account
  2. Do not use a public Wi-Fi when logging in to your online banking account
  3. Update your passcode/password frequently (recommended once every quarter)
  4. Never share your passcode/password and OTP to anyone
  5. Secure your mobile device by setting passcode or switching on biometric authentication
  6. Only install banking apps from the bank’s official app store accounts
  7. Do not jailbreak or root your mobile device – it may weaken your device security
  8. Keep your banking app, mobile device OS and anti-virus app up to date at all times
  9. Report lost mobile device to your bank immediately and remove your lost device from your online banking profile
  10. Be discreet when logging in to avoid prying eyes
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