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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We might have the answer. We’ve compiled inquiries you might have about GoTyme Bank below so you may get to know us and our services better.

You will lose the cumulative interest calculated for the month if you close your Go Save account before the interest crediting date. You may move out your money and keep your Go Save account open to still be able to receive the interest when it is due.

Savings tools are Go Save automation tools that help you save faster. There are currently two savings tools available with your Go Save account:

  1. Auto-save: allows you to auto-transfer any amount into your savings account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  2. Save the change: enables your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card to round up each swipe to the nearest PHP10 or PHP100, depositing those extra amounts into a Go Save account.

Outgoing international transfers are not available yet. However, GoTyme Bank can already accept incoming international transfers from select sending partners.

  • Using your GoTyme Bank account number, you can receive transfers from Wise, World Remit, and RIA.
  • Using your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card number, you can receive transfers from PayPal,  Western Union, Remitly, and Money Gram.

Note that transfer times and fees may vary depending on the platform and source country.

GoTyme Bank has a swift code of GOTYPHM2, however, this should not be used yet, as international bank transfers via SWIFT have not been fully enabled. But you can accept international transfers using your GoTyme Bank account number or by using your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card number.

QR codes with QR Ph logo only, from formal merchant accounts. Typically, merchants would have a static QR standee by the cashier. Some merchants are also able to generate dynamic QR codes from their tillpoint, which a customer can also scan.

QR Ph Payments should be reflected in real-time. There is also no transaction fee for scanning to pay via QR Ph.

QR codes without the QR Ph logo will NOT work. QR codes from non-merchants (i.e. individual accounts) will also not work as of yet - but this feature is currently in development.

GoTyme Bank gives you 1 point for every P600 spend for QR Ph payments. If the merchant is a partner store, customers can also earn additional points from Go Rewards granted they present their Go Rewards QR code to the merchant at their standard earn rate. Full list of partner stores here:

To earn up to 3x Go Rewards points, customers may pay using their GoTyme Bank Visa debit card instead.

Please know that all transactions are final and irrevocable. It is advisable to check and validate all information before proceeding with the transaction.

If the amount is less than what was agreed, inform the receiver about the deficit. The sender needs to initiate another transaction for the remaining amount.

The following billers are available in the app.

  1. Meralco
  2. Maynilad​
  3. Manila Water​
  4. Home Credit​
  5. Pag-IBIG
  6. Smart
  7. Sky Affiliates​
  8. Converge​
  9. Visayan Electric​
  10. Autosweep RFID​
  11. Davao Light​
  12. Cignal​
  13. Pag-IBIG OFW​
  14. Easytrip RFID
  15. Globe
  16. Innove (Globe At Home)
  17. Bayantel
  18. Meralco K-Load
  19. Laguna Water Aquatech Resources Corportation (LARC)
  20. Batangas Electric
  21. SSS Short-term Loans
  22. SSS Real Estate
  23. SSS Miscellaneous

More billers will be added soon. Please check back for updates.

No, GoTyme Bank does not charge a fee for bills payment transactions. However, some billers charge additional fees (pass on fees):

Biller Pass On Fees
Smart PHP 7.00
Converge PHP 12.00
Visayan Electric PHP 4.00
Autosweep RFID PHP 13.00
Davao Light PHP 4.00
Easytrip RFID PHP 15.00
Batangas Electric         PHP 15.00
Meralco K-Load 10% of the amount


The maximum limit for bills payment per transaction is P100,000. However, there is no maximum amount for total bills payment transactions per day.

Scheduled bill payments are currently not available yet, but rest assured that it is currently in the works. Please check back for updates on this feature.

Yes, you may check the app for the status of your bills payment. These are the possible status you may see:

  1. Paid – Payment has been posted for real-time billers, or payment has been sent to biller for non-real-time billers​
  2. Processing - Transaction is in progress​
  3. Failed - Unsuccessful transaction​

There are 2 categories of payments to billers:​

  1. RTP - real-time processing (RTP) billers are expected to be posted in real time.
  2. Batch - processing of payment from Bayad to the biller is made the next calendar day​

RFID is a real-time biller. RTP billers are expected to be posted in real-time.​

You will receive an in-app notification after the bill payment is made.

You might not have the latest version of the GoTyme Bank app. Please make sure you have the most updated version of the app.

QR Ph is the Philippines' QR code standard to enable a quick and safe method to pay with e-wallet and banks in the Philippines. 

QR Ph is approved by the Philippine Payments Management, Inc. (PPMI) in accordance with Circular 1055.

GoTyme Bank is a new digital bank for the Philippines, with the mission to bring about better financial inclusion for a greater majority of the Filipinos from day one.

GoTyme Bank is a partnership between the Gokongwei Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines, and the Singapore-headquartered digital banking group Tyme. This venture combines the trusted Gokongwei Group brand, reputation, and multi-industry operations with Tyme’s globally proven digital banking technology and hands on experience to add an exciting new player to the Philippines’ banking community.

The bank is fully licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.

As a BSP-authorized digital bank, GoTyme Bank offers transactions, transfer and rewards services that digital wallets provide, but with the additional benefit of offering full banking services such as interest-earning deposit accounts, no balance limits, and investments.

GoTyme Bank is available on iOS and Android devices. In addition to the app, GoTyme Bank offers a unique self-service kiosk, which enables customers to open an account and receive a working Visa debit card in a matter of minutes.

GoTyme Bank offers an exciting set of digital payments, debit card payments, cash, savings, and rewards products via its iOS and Android app. You can access these using our deposit products:

  1. GoTyme Bank Account: A free account you get when you successfully sign up with GoTyme Bank. Yes, FREE. No maintaining balance, no minimum deposit required.
  2. Go Save Account: A savings account that lets you earn up to 10x more interest (vs traditional banks).  No missions, no limits. Activate up to 5 Go Save accounts and watch your savings grow.

With GoTyme Bank, your money is safe!

GoTyme Bank is a licensed bank regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and all bank deposits with us are insured by the Philippines Deposit Insurance Company (PDIC) up to PHP 500,000.00 per depositor.

GoTyme Bank accounts are currently available to Filipino citizens with a valid Philippine address, ID, and mobile number. You must also be at least 18 years old to open an account.

We currently do not support foreign nationals and FATCA-subject individuals (e.g. US citizens, permanent resident or Green card holders), but trust that we are always working on making GoTyme Bank accessible to more people.

Opening a GoTyme Bank account and getting a physical Visa Debit ATM card are FREE! Some transactions may come with a fee, we promise this will always will be displayed when you make a transaction in the GoTyme Bank app.

You may also refer to the schedule of transaction charges below:

Transaction Type Applicable Fee
Deposit at Robinsons Supermarket Free
Withdraw at Robinsons Supermarket Free
ATM Withdrawals Subject to bank's ATM fees
Fund transfers between GoTyme Bank accounts Free
Fund transfers to Robinsons Bank accounts Free
Fund transfers to other local banks and e-wallets via InstaPay and PESONet           

Free for the first 3 transfers per week, then exceeding transfers are charged PHP 8.00* per transaction

Deposits via linked bank accounts

Free for the first 2 deposits per month, then exceeding deposits are charged a 1% fee based on deposited amount for BPI, and PHP 8.00 for other local banks

GoTyme Bank debit card Free in-app debit card and first physical debit card
GoTyme Bank debit card replacement PHP 200.00 per card


*Effective June 29, 2023. Three free transfers weekly reset every Monday 12AM.

GoTyme Bank kiosks enable bank customers to receive a GoTyme Bank Visa debit card in minutes. You can also open an account from the kiosk and get your Visa debit card on the spot!

Opening an account with GoTyme Bank is easy, paperless, and can be done in under five minutes.

Once you have downloaded the app, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need your Standard Philippine issued ID, mobile number, and personal details to open an account.

  1. Your own Philippine mobile number
  2. Your valid Philippine ID. Any of the following are acceptable:
    • Passport
    • UMID
    • SSS ID
    • Postal ID
    • PRC
    • Driver’s license
    • Voter’s ID
    • PhilSys ID
  3. Some simple personal information such as your name, address, occupation.

We ensure that our use of your personal information is in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines which is found in the GoTyme Bank Privacy Policy.

Enjoy these exciting services and perks with your GoTyme Bank account:

  • Open up to 5 interest-earning Go Save accounts and monitor them with our savings tools (Auto-save and Save the change).
  • Send money to other banks via PESONet and Instapay for FREE up to 3x per week, or always FREE to your friends' GoTyme Bank accounts.
  • Shop with your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card and earn points wherever. Save more when you redeem your points as cash, a feature exclusive to GoTyme Bank. You can also buy load and other digital vouchers in the GoTyme Bank app.
  • Scan QR Ph and earn Go Rewards points when you pay supported merchants.
  • Pay your bills right on the app.

Deposit for FREE in any of our partner Robinsons Retail merchants! Find a branch of these stores nearest you via the GoTyme Bank app.

  1. Robinsons Supermarket
  2. Robinsons Department Store
  3. Robinsons Easymart
  4. The Marketplace
  5. Shopwise
  6. No Brand
  7. Southstar Drug
  8. Handyman

You may also deposit to your GoTyme Bank account by moving money from your other bank accounts via PESONet and Instapay. Refer to your other bank's app for instructions.

You may also deposit via linking your BPI, UnionBank, Chinabank, and RCBC accounts to your GoTyme Bank account via the app.

  1. In the GoTyme Bank app homescreen, tap "Deposit"
  2. Then tap "Online / via linked account"
  3. Select your bank
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Log in to your selected bank account to link it and complete your deposit.

Withdraw for FREE in any of our partner Robinsons Retail merchants! Find a branch of these stores nearest you via the GoTyme Bank app.

  1. Robinsons Supermarket
  2. Robinsons Department Store
  3. Robinsons Easymart
  4. The Marketplace
  5. Shopwise
  6. No Brand
  7. Southstar Drug
  8. Handyman

You can also use your free GoTyme Bank Visa debit card to withdraw from any Bancnet ATM. Withdrawals via Robinsons Bank ATMs are free! Other ATMs may charge varying fees.

Yes! You can earn 5% interest per year, paid monthly to your Go Save account. There is no minimum or maximum deposit balance requirement to earn interest.

Sample computation:
(End of day balance x 5%*) x (1/365 days)

*5% applies starting April 1, 2023

Interest earned from your Go Save account is credited every 1st of the following month and is subject to 20% withholding tax. Enjoy saving!

We've made your GoTyme Bank account number accessible in the most convenient ways! From the GoTyme Bank app:

  • On the home page, tap on 'Deposit' to see your bank details. You can also tap on 'My account' to view your account and transaction details.
  • On the Profile page, under 'Info' to view your Personal Information, including your Account Number. You can copy the number in case you need to use it, make inbound transfers, or share with your contacts when making a funds transfer.

You can now easily generate a bank statement or bank certificate in the GoTyme Bank app for free, and receive it via email within an hour. These documents are legally-accepted by relevant institutions. Here’s how to generate:

  1. In the app home screen, tap Profile or All Recent Transactions.
  2. Tap Bank statement or Bank certificate.
  3. Confirm or input the email where the document/s will be sent to.
  4. Input the required details.
  5. Receive the documents via email within an hour.

The document/s will be sent as password-protected PDF. Instructions will be included in the email you’ll receive.

You may request for a Bank statement up to 3 times per day, while for a Bank certificate up to 5 times per day.

For erroneous entries or any further clarifications on your requested document/s, you may speak to a helpful human via our Customer Success channels. Call #GO8888 (#468888), email at, or chat with us in the GoTyme Bank app.

To ensure your ID and selfie are captured accurately during the account opening process, you may follow the instructions on the app screen.

ID capture

  1. Check your camera lens is clean and not covered by a phone case.
  2. Ensure your ID is placed on a flat, high-contrast surface. For example, if you have a light coloured ID, place it on a dark surface.
  3. Hold your camera directly over the ID so that the four corners align with the on-screen guides.
  4. Ensure you are in a well-lit room, with no light reflections on the ID.
  5. Wipe the ID to remove any possible smudges or dirt.
  6. Try another ID from our list.

Selfie capture

  1. Check your camera lens is clean and not covered by a phone case.
  2. Ensure you are in a well-lit room.
  3. Use an ID with a photo that looks most like you today. Eyeglasses, facial hair, or other features may affect the matching.
  4. Hold your camera directly in front of your face and try moving your phone closer or further away from your face, as directed by the instructions on the screen.

If you have tried the above and are still encountering issues, please contact GoTyme Bank via our Customer Success team: Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

You may provide your GoTyme Bank mobile number, email address or account number to the sender.

To transfer money:

  1. In the app homescreen, tap "Send / Transfer"
  2. Tap on the GoTyme Bank logo
  3. Input the recipient's account details (mobile number, account number or e-mail address)
  4. Then input the amount
  5. Confirm the transaction 

Note that transfers between GoTyme Bank customers are instant and FREE!

You can send money to a non-GoTyme Bank customer via PESONet and InstaPay. Please take the following steps:

  1. In the app homescreen, tap "Send / Transfer"
  2. Tap on "Other banks"
  3. Select the receiving bank
  4. Enter the recipient's bank account details
  5. You will be required to enter your passcode or pass a quick facial ID check to approve the transfer before it is sent.

Details and the status of your transfer will be displayed in your transaction history. 

Please note of the following:

  1. InstaPay transfers should be instant. However, there is a limit per transaction of PHP 50,000.00.
  2. PESONet transfers allow you to send PHP 50,001 or more, but it may take one (1) to three (3) banking days to clear and reflect in the receiver's account.

Please check the Limits tab in the GoTyme Bank app for a full list of amount limits.

PESONet transfers are processed on banking days, subject to the sender or receiver bank's cut off time. For GoTyme Bank transfers, expect it to be credited within 1-3 banking days.

Cutoff times vary per bank and can affect when your transfer will take effect. Please check the processing times of your sender or receiver bank as well.

Your transfer may be unsuccessful for the following reasons:

  1. Connection timeout (GoTyme Bank, PESONet or InstaPay).
  2. Receiving financial institution time out or system downtime.
  3. Account number of the recipient is not existing with the receiving financial institution.
  4. Account number is invalid.
  5. Customer uses an international account details.

The fund transfer amount will be credited back to your GoTyme Bank account the next banking day.

We encourage our customers to double-check all the details before confirming the transfer. Successful transfers are final but if you need help, please contact our Personal Bankers.

Speak to a helpful human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail 

You may check your transfer limits from the 'Limits' screen found in your profile in the GoTyme Bank app.

We are here to help!

Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

You can find the 'Buy Load' button by tapping the GO button on the home page. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase mobile data or vouchers.

You can get the GoTyme mobile app from the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  At this point, we do not support the Huawei App Gallery.

GoTyme Bank Kiosks are available in select Robinsons Malls and Robinsons Retail locations. Find the nearest kiosk HERE.

Earn Go Rewards points wherever you use your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card to shop! Earn up to 3x Go Rewards points in Robinsons Retail stores, and 1 point for every P600 spend everywhere else - online, in-store and worldwide.

GoTyme Bank automatically awards your Go Rewards points for all your qualified spend. If you feel that you did not get the right amount of points, please contact our Customer Success team for more help.

We are here to help!

Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

You can use your Go Rewards and pay with points with Go Rewards partner merchants. Just present your Go Rewards QR code from the GoTyme Bank app, or the Go Rewards bar code found at the back of your GoTyme Bank Visa ATM debit card. The points redemption scheme in partner stores is 1 Go Rewards point = PHP 1.00.
You can also maximize your savings and redeem your Go Rewards points as cash! You can do this directly from your GoTyme Bank app. The redeemed cash will be credited directly and instantly to your GoTyme Bank account. The points to cash conversion rate is 1 Go Rewards point = PHP 0.80. The maximum you can redeem per day is 10,000 Go Rewards points which is equivalent to PHP 8,000.

Still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
One of our Customer Success Advocates will assist you right away.