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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We might have the answer. We’ve compiled inquiries you might have about GoTyme Bank below so you may get to know us and our services better.

What happens when I close my Go Save account before the interest crediting date?

You will lose the cumulative interest calculated for the month if you close your Go Save account before the interest crediting date. You may move out your money and keep your Go Save account open to still be able to receive the interest when it is due.

What are savings tools?

Savings tools are Go Save automation tools that help you save faster. There are currently two savings tools available with your Go Save account:

  1. Auto-save: allows you to auto-transfer any amount into your savings account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  2. Save the change: enables your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card to round up each swipe to the nearest PHP10 or PHP100, depositing those extra amounts into a Go Save account.
What is GoTyme Bank?

GoTyme Bank is a new digital bank for the Philippines, with the mission to bring about better financial inclusion for a greater majority of the Filipinos from day one.

GoTyme Bank is a partnership between the Gokongwei Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines, and the Singapore-headquartered digital banking group Tyme. This venture combines the trusted Gokongwei Group brand, reputation, and multi-industry operations with Tyme’s globally proven digital banking technology and hands on experience to add an exciting new player to the Philippines’ banking community.

The bank is fully licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

What makes GoTyme Bank different from other banks or digital wallets in the Philippines?

As a BSP-authorized Digital Bank, GoTyme Bank may offer transactions, transfer and rewards services that digital wallets provide, but with the additional benefit of offering full banking services such as interest-earning deposit accounts, no balance limits, and investments.

GoTyme Bank is available on iOS and Android devices. In addition to the app, GoTyme Bank offers a unique self-service kiosk, which enables customers to open an account and receive a working Visa ATM debit card in a matter of minutes.

What products do you offer?

GoTyme Bank offers an exciting set of payments, debit card payments, cash, savings, and rewards products via its iOS and Android app. You can access these using our deposit products:

  1. GoTyme Bank Account: A free account you get when you successfully sign up with GoTyme Bank. Yes, FREE. No maintaining balance, no minimum deposit required.
  2. Go Save Account: A savings account that lets you earn up to 10x more interest (vs traditional banks). Activate up to 5 Go Save accounts and watch your savings grow.
Is my money safe with GoTyme Bank?

With GoTyme Bank, your money is safe!

GoTyme Bank is a licensed bank regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and all bank deposits with us are insured by the Philippines Deposit Insurance Company (PDIC) up to Php500,000.00 per depositor.

Who can open a GoTyme Bank account?

GoTyme Bank accounts are currently available to Filipino citizens with a valid Philippine address, ID, and mobile number. You must also be at least 18 years old to open an account.

We do not support foreign nationals and FATCA-subject individuals (e.g. US citizens, permanent resident or Green card holders). We are always working on making GoTyme accessible to more people! :)

What fees and charges apply?

Opening a GoTyme Bank account and getting a physical Visa Debit ATM card are FREE! Some transactions may come with a fee, we promise this will always will be displayed when you make a transaction in the GoTyme Bank app.

You may also refer to the schedule of transaction charges below:

Transaction Type Applicable Fee
Deposit at Robinsons Supermarket Free
Withdraw at Robinsons Supermarket Free
ATM Withdrawals Subject to bank's ATM fees
Fund transfers between GoTyme Bank accounts Free
Fund transfers to Robinsons Bank accounts Free
Fund transfers to other local banks and e-wallets via InstaPay and PESONet            PHP 10.00 per transaction
GoTyme Bank debit card Free in-app debit card and first physical debit card
GoTyme Bank debit card replacement PHP 150.00 per card
What is a GoTyme Bank kiosk?

GoTyme Bank kiosks enable bank customers to receive a GoTyme Bank Visa card in minutes. Soon you can also open an account from the kiosk and get your Visa card on the spot!

How do I open a GoTyme Bank account?

Opening an account with GoTyme Bank is easy, paperless, and can be done in under five minutes.

Once you have downloaded the app, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need your Standard Philippine issued ID, mobile number, and personal details to open an account.

What documents and information do I need to open a GoTyme Bank account?
  1. Your own Philippine mobile number
  2. Your valid Philippine ID. Any of the following are acceptable:
    • Passport
    • UMID
    • SSS ID
    • Postal ID
    • PRC
    • Driver’s license
    • Voter’s ID
    • PhilSys ID
  3. Some simple personal information such as your name, address, occupation.

We ensure that our use of your personal information is in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines which is found in the GoTyme Bank Privacy Policy.

What can I do with my GoTyme Bank Account?

Enjoy these exciting services and perks with your GoTyme Bank account:

  • Shop and earn points on all your spend with your GoTyme Bank ATM debit card! Save more when you redeem your points as cash (exclusive to GoTyme Bank)! You can also buy load and other digital vouchers in the GoTyme Bank app.
  • Send money to your friends' GoTyme Bank accounts, or via PESONet and Instapay, with more banks being added every week.
  • Create saving goals and monitor them with our savings tools (tips, save-the-change, progress tracker).
How do I cash in to my GoTyme Bank account?

Cash in for FREE in any of our partner Robinsons Retail locations! View the stores nearest you in the GoTyme Bank app.

You can also cash in by transferring from your other bank accounts via PESONet and Instapay, with more banks being added every week.

How do I cash out of my GoTyme Bank account?

Cash out for FREE from any of our partner Robinsons Retail locations! View the stores nearest you in the GoTyme Bank app. You can also claim your FREE Visa Debit ATM card to withdraw from any Bancnet ATM nationwide - withdrawals via Robinsons Bank ATMs are free!

Do I earn interest with GoTyme Bank?

Yes! You can earn 5% interest per year, paid monthly to your Go Save account. There is no minimum or maximum deposit balance requirement to earn interest.

Sample computation:
(End of day balance x 5%*) x (1/365 days)

*5% applies starting April 1, 2023

Interest earned from your Go Save account is credited every 1st of the following month. Enjoy saving!

Where can I find my account number?

We've made your GoTyme Bank account number accessible in the most convenient ways! From the GoTyme Bank app:

  • On the home page, tap on 'Add Money' to see your bank details. You can also tap on 'My account' to view your bank and transaction details.
  • On the Profile page, under 'Info' to view your Personal Information, including your Account Number. You can copy the number in case you need to use it, make inbound transfers, or share with your contacts when making a funds transfer.
Where can I see my account statements?

Our Customer Success team will help you with this! Just contact us anytime:

Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

I am having difficulty scanning my ID or capturing my selfie, what can I do?

To ensure your ID and selfie are captured accurately during the account opening process, you may follow the instructions on the app screen.

ID capture

  1. Check your camera lens is clean and not covered by a phone case.
  2. Ensure your ID is placed on a flat, high-contrast surface. For example, if you have a light coloured ID, place it on a dark surface.
  3. Hold your camera directly over the ID so that the four corners align with the on-screen guides.
  4. Ensure you are in a well-lit room, with no light reflections on the ID.
  5. Wipe the ID to remove any possible smudges or dirt.
  6. Try another ID from our list.

Selfie capture

  1. Check your camera lens is clean and not covered by a phone case.
  2. Ensure you are in a well-lit room.
  3. Use an ID with a photo that looks most like you today. Eyeglasses, facial hair, or other features may affect the matching.
  4. Hold your camera directly in front of your face and try moving your phone closer or further away from your face, as directed by the instructions on the screen.

If you have tried the above and are still encountering issues, please contact GoTyme Bank via our Customer Success team: Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

How can I send money from a GoTyme account to another GoTyme account?

You may provide your GoTyme Bank mobile number, email address or account number to the sender.

To transfer money, tap on the bank transfer button in the app, select the transfer to GoTyme Bank option and follow the on screen instructions to choose recipient and amount.

Note that transfers between GoTyme Bank customers are instant and free!

How can I send money from my GoTyme account to another bank or e-wallet?

You can send money to a non-GoTyme Bank customer via PESONet and InstaPay. Please take the following steps:

Tap ‘Bank Account’ from the transfer button in the app and follow the instructions to select the recipient’s bank or wallet, account details, amount, and the reason for your transfer from the list of options. You will be required to enter your passcode or pass a quick facial ID check to approve the transfer before it is sent.

Details and the status of your transfer will be displayed in your transaction history. Currently, we are supported by PESONet and Instapay, with more banks being added every week.

When will the PESONet transfer be credited to my GoTyme Bank account/beneficiary account?

PESONet transfers are processed on banking days, subject to the sender or receiver bank's cut off time. For GoTyme Bank transfers, expect it to be credited within 1-2 banking days.

Cutoff times vary per bank and can affect when your transfer will take effect. Please check the processing times of your sender or receiver bank as well.

What are the reasons for unsuccessful crediting of funds to the beneficiary or receiving bank?

Your transfer may be unsuccessful for the following reasons:

  1. Connection timeout (GoTyme Bank, PESONet or InstaPay).
  2. Receiving financial institution time out or system downtime.
  3. Account number of the recipient is not existing with the receiving financial institution.
  4. Account number is invalid.
  5. Customer uses an international account details.
How will the funds be returned to the customer if it was not credited to the beneficiary?

The fund transfer amount will be credited back to your GoTyme Bank account the next banking day.

I incorrectly paid someone, what can I do?

We encourage our customers to double-check all the details before confirming the transfer. Successful transfers are final but if you need help, please contact our Customer Success team.

Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail 

What limits apply to transfers with GoTyme Bank?

You may check your transfer limits from the 'Limits' screen found in your profile in the GoTyme Bank app.

Does GoTyme Bank accept foreign currency transfers?

Transfers can only be made using PHP. Stay tuned for other currencies.

I still need help

We are here to help!

Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

How do I purchase mobile data or vouchers in the app?

You can find the 'Buy Load' button by tapping the GO button on the home page. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase mobile data or vouchers.

Can I transfer money to or from an international account?

We currently accept transfers between GoTyme Bank accounts, via PESONet and Instapay, with more banks being added every week.

Do you have a mobile app for Huawei phones?

You can get the GoTyme mobile app from the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  At this point, we do not support the Huaewi App Gallery.

Where can I find a GoTyme kiosk?

GoTyme Bank Kiosks are available in select Robinsons Malls and Robinsons Retail locations. Find the nearest kiosk HERE.

How can I earn Go Rewards points with GoTyme?

Get Go Rewards points whenever you use your GoTyme Bank ATM debit card to shop! Earn up to 3x Go Rewards points when you present your Go Rewards card at participating Robinsons Retail stores, and use GoTyme Bank to pay. Plus, 1 point : P600 spend for other purchases and payments.

I did not get the right Go Rewards points.

GoTyme Bank automatically awards your Go Rewards points for all your qualified spend. If you feel that you did not get the right amount of points, please contact our Customer Success team for more help.

We are here to help!

Get help from a human. Call #GO8888 | E-mail

Where can I use my Go Rewards points?

You can use your Go Rewards and pay with points with Go Rewards partner merchants. Just present your Go Rewards QR code from the GoTyme Bank app, or the Go Rewards bar code found at the back of your GoTyme Bank Visa ATM debit card.

You can also maximize your savings and redeem your Go Rewards points as cash! You can do this directly from your GoTyme Bank mobile app. The cash conversion will be credited directly and instantly to your GoTyme Bank account.

Still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
One of our Customer Success Advocates will assist you right away.