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Protect your bank account from suspicious activities

25 Nov 2023

While banks do their best to maintain a safe and cyber-resilient culture, customers also have the duty to keep their accounts safe and exercise cyber-hygiene. Here are some things you can do to protect your account, and the actions you can take in case you’ve been a victim of suspicious activities.

1. Securing Your Account
    • Keep your log-in credentials safe. Do not share them with anyone.
    • Use a strong password combination.
    • Use different passcodes or passwords for different mobile app bank accounts.
    • Avoid using birthdays or anniversaries as basis for your passcodes or passwords.
    • Use two-factor authentication if available.

2. Accessing Your Account in Public
    • Do not use unsecured Wi-Fi networks for banking, purchases or checking your emails. Don’t use hotspot in a public place, and instead use your 3G or 4G internet connection.
    • Be aware of shoulder surfers. Be extra careful while typing confidential information such as your account details and password on your mobile in public places.
    • Never leave your mobile phone unattended or stored in an insecure place.
    • Check your device’s security settings to ensure maximum protection. Keep your mobile's operating system and applications, including the browser, updated with the latest security patches and upgrades.
    • Make sure your smartphone or tablet is always protected with a PIN. Do not reveal this PIN to anybody or write it or store it anywhere.
    • Always logout when you’re not using your device.

3. Engaging in Online Shopping
    • Use only the official or authenticated applications of your favorite shopping platforms.
    • If accessing via desktop or a browser, validate the URL or web address.

4. Transacting with Informal Online Sellers
    • Always ask for the seller’s proof of identification.
    • If you’re sending to a bank you have an account with, use your bank’s app to check if the seller’s name matches the account name. If the names do not match, consider it as a red flag.
    • Be wary of listings that are too good to be true. If they seem like too much of a bargain, they probably come with a catch.

5. If by any case you fall victim to any suspicious activity:
    • Call your bank as soon as possible to report the case.
      • For GoTyme Bank, you may get in-touch with our Personal Bankers via these channels:
        1.    Call us at #GO8888 (#468888)
        2.    Email
        3.    Chat with us in the GoTyme Bank app
    • File a police report or blotter to have an official record of the incident. You may attach this in your report to your bank. This helps the bank and the authorities with the investigation. 
    • Update your login credentials, especially your banking apps, and immediately change your password.
    • Get in touch with DICT-CICC. You may refer to Scam Watch Pilipinas’ website for further information ( You may also call their hotline at 1326.
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