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Earn 3x Go Rewards Points when you pay with your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card

19 Oct 2022
Earn 3x Go Rewards Points when you pay with your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card
Earn 3x Go Rewards Points when you pay with your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card

Terms and Conditions

  1. This app feature is exclusive to GoTyme Bank customers with an active Go Rewards account (“Qualified Participants”).

  2. Qualified Participants must present their Go Rewards account QR through the GoTyme Bank app to the cashier in Participating RRHI Stores, during store hours, and pay using their GoTyme Bank account to get the triple (3x) Go Rewards points. The total of triple Go Rewards points shall be based on the participating RRHI store’s standard points issuance and awarded as:

    Example: Purchase amount of P400, with a points scheme of P400 : 1 point.
      Non-GoTyme Bank Payment    GoTyme Bank as Payment
    From RRHI store 1 point 1 point
    From GoTyme Bank        0 point 2 points
    TOTAL POINTS 1 point 3 points

  3. Points scheme for each brand:
    1. Robinsons Appliance: PHP 400 : 3pts
    2. Robinsons Easymart: PHP 400 : 3pts
    3. Robinsons Supermarket: PHP 400 : 3pts
    4. Rose Pharmacy: PHP 400 : 3pts
    5. Savers Appliance: PHP 400 : 3pts
    6. Southstar Drug: PHP 400 : 3pts
    7. No Brand: PHP 250 : 3pts
    8. Shopwise: PHP 250 : 3pts
    9. The Marketplace: PHP 250 : 3pts
    10. Daiso Japan: PHP 200 : 3pts
    11. Handyman: PHP 200 : 3pts
    12. Pet Lovers Centre: PHP 200 : 3pts
    13. Robinsons Department Store: PHP 200 : 3pts
    14. Super 50: PHP 200 : 3pts
    15. Toys R Us: PHP 200 : 3pts
    16. True Value: : PHP 100 : 3pts

  4. Bonus Go Rewards points from GoTyme Bank shall be based on the final receipt amount paid using the GoTyme Bank account, and the points scheme for the RRHI store where the purchase was made. Points from GoTyme Bank will be automatically credited by GoTyme Bank to the Go Rewards account linked to the GoTyme Bank account used for payment.

  5. Go Rewards points awarded from this app feature shall be governed by and can be used in accordance with the Go Rewards Terms and Conditions. For any questions or concerns on the Go Rewards program, the Qualified Participant may reach out to GoTyme Bank may also assist the customer via

  6. Qualified participants confirmed or suspected to be fraudulent, invalid, or subject of app feature abuse shall be disqualified. Further, any Go Rewards points already awarded to such Qualified Participant may be reversed by GoTyme Bank at its sole discretion.

  7. The customer must notify GoTyme Bank for any complaints regarding the app feature. The decision of GoTyme Bank on the complaint shall be considered final. For clarifications and complaints relative to this app feature, please e-mail
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