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GoTyme Bank partners with Go Rewards and Cebu Pacific for boosted rewards points when you fly

09 Feb 2023
GoTyme Bank partners with Go Rewards and Cebu Pacific for boosted rewards points when you fly
GoTyme Bank partners with Go Rewards and Cebu Pacific for boosted rewards points when you fly

GoTyme Bank, a Gokongwei Group Bank, has partnered with Cebu Pacific and Go Rewards to enable more Juans to reach their dream destinations by boosting rewards points earned from flights. These can then be redeemed to pay for flights and flight add-ons!

With the all-new "Rewards Booster" feature, Cebu Pacific customers paying for their flights can boost the Go Rewards points they can earn - and get even more bonus points -  by using a GoTyme Bank Visa Debit or Virtual Card.
Once a customer’s Go Rewards points stack up, they can use their points to even book flights at Cebu Pacific for free—something Filipinos with upcoming travel plans can benefit from!

Here’s all you need to know to get your rewards points boosted!

  1. What is #RewardsBooster?
    • #RewardsBooster is GoTyme Bank’s new feature – a Go Rewards points booster for every transaction in Cebu Pacific paid using the GoTyme Bank Visa Debit Card or Virtual Card.

  2. How does the points booster work?
    • In addition to Go Rewards’ existing points system, GoTyme Bank offers additional points when you use your GoTyme Visa card to pay.
      1. Go Rewards Classic earns you 1 point for every P40 spent on base fare and add-ons
      2. Go Rewards Black earns you 1 point for every P20 spent on base fare and add-ons
      3. GoTyme Bank earns you 1 additional point for every P80 spent on the final ticket price

  3. Is the points booster a promo?
    • No. The points booster is FOREVER. It is one of GoTyme Bank’s features.

  4. Where can I see my rewards points reflected?
    • Total points from both GoTyme Bank and Go Rewards Classic or Black shall be reflected in your Go Rewards app. The additional points you get from GoTyme Bank shall also be reflected in your GoTyme Bank app.
  5. How can customers redeem the points as free flights?
    • Redeeming your points as flights is easy! Just follow the steps below.
      1. Login to your Go Rewards account (Website/Mobile App).
      2. Click on "Fly".
      3. Search Flights
      4. Select Destination
      5. Choose the type of ticket (One-way or Round Trip)
      6. Destination
      7. Flight date (Departure/Arrival)
      8. Pay using your Go Rewards points

Other questions

  1. Why is GoTyme Bank the preferred method of payment for Cebu Pacific, and the Gokongwei Group?
    • GoTyme Bank offers more rewards and cash back promos for brands and shops within the Gokongwei Group. The following are currently offered by GoTyme Bank:
      1. Rewards boost in customer’s existing Go Rewards scheme when they pay for their Cebu Pacific flights using GoTyme Bank.
      2. Triple the Go Rewards points whenever customers shop in partner RRHI stores.
      3. 20% cashback for every first swipe of the GoTyme Bank Visa debit card in partner stores

  2. Are there unique benefits for people using GoTyme to pay for their CebuPac transactions which are not available in other modes of payment?
    • Yes. Whenever a Cebu Pacific flight is booked online or in the ticketing offices, a customer will enjoy a boost in their Go Rewards points. These points can then be used to redeem flights and even flight purchase add-ons.
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