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The Lonely Bot: A GoTyme Bank Story

05 Oct 2023

"The Lonely Bot" is a thought-provoking piece that invites us to reflect on the value of creating connections. In this modern age, GoTyme Bank's call to action is clear: the more digital the world becomes, the more human a bank needs to be.

In many ways, Roboto, the main protagonist of the film, embodies the many technological triumphs man has achieved: automation, artificial intelligence, and technology-driven discoveries that have become pervasive -- even in the banking industry. Despite these changes, one thing remains the same: the search for genuine connection with others which resonates with all of us.

In the film, we see how Roboto and Roberta, both robots, once experienced a profound connection in a romantic tale. However, their story was cut short when they were deactivated and left abandoned in a storage room.

Unexpectedly, Roboto's deactivation proved incomplete, allowing him to awaken from his slumber. He then embarks on a solitary journey through an unfamiliar world, desperately seeking someone who might comprehend his yearning to rekindle that lost spark. In the end, Roboto was able to find that human connection through a GoTyme Bank personal banker.

Not only does Roboto embody technological triumphs, but he also represents our customers. And we understand that all they really need is a human that they can reach out to and talk to.

Check out these bonus behind-the-scenes peek.

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