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GoTyme Bank gives back to delivery riders and motorcycle taxi drivers

26 Dec 2023

GoTyme Bank decided to show their gratitude to unknowing delivery riders by gifting them their own GoTyme Bank account, and some funds to get them started. The surprise was done via the Send & Invite feature on the GoTyme Bank app.  

The unique “Send & Invite” feature on the GoTyme Bank app allows users to send money to anyone, even those  without a GoTyme Bank account, using only their mobile phone number. Once the invited user opens a GoTyme Bank account, they will instantly receive the money sent to them. They can then deposit the amount to a Go Save account to enjoy 5% savings interest p.a. without any missions or limits.  

“From our research, this feature has been used by existing GoTyme Bank users to send tips to delivery riders. Because of this, we were inspired to create this unique promo,” says Eelan Reyes, chief sales officer and also an avid rider himself.

In the video, riders from top delivery services in the Philippines were “booked” for a nice surprise. Riders were welcomed by Roboto from the GoTyme Bank film “The Lonely Bot,” along with a smiling Bank Ambassador. After revealing the surprise to the riders, they received a “Send & Invite” prompt from the Bank Ambassador, who also assisted them in downloading the GoTyme Bank app, opening an account, and printing their free Visa debit card via the GoTyme Bank kiosk.  

When asked, the riders shared some of the things they’re currently saving up for. Keyven, a rider of a motorcycle taxi service, said he’s saving up for a plot of land to build a house for his parents. Mark, a rider of an on-demand motorcycle delivery service, shared he plans on replacing his slow and old gadget for a newer model. Orlando, another on-demand motorcycle delivery service rider, said he’s setting aside money for a new motorcycle.   

This season, GoTyme Bank is encouraging everyone to give friends and family the gift of a high-interest savings account, while also giving back to more delivery riders. 

For every successful Send & invite, GoTyme Bank will donate P100 to the rider beneficiaries of Ride PH and Jay Taruc’s “Buhay Ride-There” program – a show that highlights the stories of members of the rider community. Nothing says you care more than gifting your loved ones with the opportunity to save for their future, all while supporting our unsung everyday heroes.   

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