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What is a time deposit and why should you open one?

27 May 2024
What is a time deposit and why should you open one?
What is a time deposit and why should you open one?

Are you ready to take your savings profile to the next level? A time deposit account is just what you need. It involves depositing funds for a fixed period, ranging from a few months to several years. It’s like baking cookies: you’ll need to leave the dough in the oven until the cookie is ready if you want the best batch.

While not being able to touch your savings may sound daunting, consider the perks: time deposits offer higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts. The longer the term of the time deposit, the higher the interest rate tends to be. No special skills or financial know-how needed—just be patient and you'll end up with more money than you put in. It's a way to save money and make a little extra on the side, as long as you're okay with not touching it for a while.

In case you need further convincing, GoTyme Bank’s Time Deposit allows you to save in different currencies, starting with the US dollar. The best part is you’ll only need 1 USD to get started. You can also deposit in Peso and GoTyme Bank will convert your money for you. Earn up to 3% interest in 3 months and 3.5% in 6 months. And don’t worry—with GoTyme Bank, you can withdraw your time deposit savings anytime with zero penalties.

Here’s a further breakdown of reasons to open a time deposit account with GoTyme Bank:

  1. To Diversify Your Savings: You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. This applies to your savings, too! Having savings in different currencies protects your money from changes in currency value. If the value of the Philippine Peso declines, its purchasing power goes down. Having a US dollar account will protect the value of your money even as the Peso fluctuates.

  2. To Take Control of Your Finances: Opening a GoTyme Bank time deposit account allows you to take advantage of changes in currency rates and earn high interest on foreign currencies. When currency rates are stable, you can sit back and simply allow your savings to grow. When it’s unsteady, you can withdraw your money with no penalties and wait for a better time to save.

  3. To Prepare for the Future: The bottomline of saving is preparing for the future. Whatever you want to be ready for, whether it’s a long overdue vacation or,  a dream business venture, a USD time deposit account can help get you there in a structured, hassle-free way. You get to keep the value of your savings in a foreign currency and withdraw it when your deposit matures or whenever you need it.

It’s never too early or too late to start saving. GoTyme Bank’s US Dollar Time Deposit is a friendly way to start baking. If you try it now, your hard-earned cookies will yield sweet returns in no time.

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