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All In A Day’s Work: Get the Most out of Your Overseas Earnings with GoTyme Bank

07 Jun 2024
All In A Day’s Work: Get the Most out of Your Overseas Earnings with GoTyme Bank
All In A Day’s Work: Get the Most out of Your Overseas Earnings with GoTyme Bank

Freelancers and virtual assistants prove that there’s a whole world of opportunities available for those who hustle hard. But when the overseas earnings come in, it’s best to stretch their hard-earned money through nifty tricks that will wade through the hassle of hefty conversion fees and slow transfers. With GoTyme Bank, it’s easy.

Convert like a pro via PayPal

Those with international clients know that PayPal is the most popular payment stream for jobs abroad—but which bank do you deposit your earnings into? When we say that GoTyme Bank is the most convenient choice for international earnings, we mean it. GoTyme Bank provides lower forex rates for PayPal transfers versus PayPal direct conversions, if you follow these crucial steps:

Step 1: 
Log into your GoTyme Bank account and take note of your virtual Visa debit card’s number, expiry date and CVV. Remember that this information is sensitive and cannot be shared with anyone.

Step 2:
Log into your PayPal account and link your GoTyme Bank account by choosing Add card or bank > Link a credit card. Insert your virtual GoTyme Bank Visa debit card details and be prepared to pay a refundable verification fee.

Step 3:
With your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card added to your PayPal account, change your card currency from Philippine Pesos to US Dollars. Do this by chatting with a PayPal Assistant by clicking Help > Contact Us > Message Us on your PayPal account.

Tell the PayPal Assistant that you want to change your card currency from PHP to USD. You might be led to automated prompts, but don’t worry—just answer Yes when the PayPal Assistant asks you to send the conversation to a customer support agent. When the prompt asks you to send a detailed message, repeat your request along with the last four digits of your GoTyme Bank account number. Wait for a reply from the PayPal Customer Support Agent to make sure that this request is fulfilled.

No late transfers with Wise and Payoneer

When overseas clients are concerned, it's a hassle-free tip to make sure their payments arrive on time. With GoTyme Bank, payments made through Wise and Payoneer arrive just when you need it through convenient within-the-day transfers that lessen follow-ups and keep you productive in more important matters.

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