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People-Powered GoTyme Bank

21 Jul 2023
People-Powered GoTyme Bank
People-Powered GoTyme Bank

GoTyme Bank has employed a diverse mix of professionals who will play a crucial role in bringing new financial services to an increasingly sophisticated customer base in the Philippines.

“We come from a wide range of industries, and I think what brought us together is a genuine desire to build something — to build and leave a legacy,” says Albert Tinio, GoTyme Bank co-CEO. “We come from banking, and there are also fintech people, there are people [from fast moving consumer goods], there are telco people, there are logistics people, and all of these people are freely, organically sharing their experience and contributing to building a new service.”

Nate Clarke, GoTyme Bank president and CEO, adds, “We were quite deliberate regarding recruitment because it’s very different recruiting people for something you're building from scratch, compared to recruiting for something that is already running. We wanted to build a diverse group, but on top of that, we wanted to attract people with a few scars and some unfinished business. We’re looking for people who have had success in their careers, but who have also had some near-big misses where they felt like they didn’t quite succeed in their endeavor, but are ever-persistent in wanting to improve and deliver greater impact with their next shot.”

GoTyme Bank’s human-centric approach dovetails with the BSP’s move to transform the country’s financial sector, with digital banks as partners in advancing financial inclusion by leveraging on digital technology to offer products and services that bridge the market gaps in the unserved and underserved segments. It’s easy to see, even this early, how GoTyme Bank can help ease the stumbling blocks to financial empowerment and access by providing quality, lower-cost banking within reach of the population. 

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