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GoTyme Bank partners with Whoscall in its fight against fraud

10 May 2024
GoTyme Bank partners with Whoscall in its fight against fraud
GoTyme Bank partners with Whoscall in its fight against fraud

GoTyme Bank has partnered with Whoscall to provide GoTyme customers with a free 1-year subscription to Whoscall Premium, giving customers an added layer of defense against the growing incidents of scam calls and messages.

Whoscall is a free-to-use mobile application that users can download on their smartphones to help protect themselves from incoming scam or fraud calls and texts from unknown numbers in real-time. With Whoscall Premium, GoTyme customers can enjoy the most seamless Whoscall experience that automates multiple features like auto-updating of its constantly growing database, auto-blocking incoming scam calls and texts using cutting-edge AI, auto-scanning of any received links from text messages, and an ad-free interface.
With this partnership, GoTyme is providing premium protection for its customers, free for one year, to ensure that your digital banking experience has an added layer of security. This is another effort from GoTyme to help protect its customers from various scam and fraud threats as they adopt and transition into a digital lifestyle.
The promo runs until December 31, 2024 and requires GoTyme customers to claim their Whoscall Premium Gift Code from GoTyme. The Whoscall Premium subscription from the gift code will be valid for one year from the activation date and does not automatically renew, giving GoTyme customers the choice to continue their subscription after their free year ends.

About Whoscall

Whoscall is a mobile app that specializes in caller identification and spam blocking to help protect users from scammers and fraud. It’s an app that helps users safeguard themselves from potentially threatening calls, texts, and links that try to trick them into getting any information that could lead them to being scammed, effectively preventing any fraud instances from happening.

Whoscall has four main features that help users stay safe against scam and fraud attempts:

  1. Identify unknown callers and text messages: Whoscall boasts a massive database of over 2.6 billion phone numbers. When you receive a call from an unknown number, Whoscall will match it against their database and display information about the caller on your screen, helping you decide whether to answer.
  2. Block spam calls and messages: Whoscall allows you to block unwanted calls and messages. It also has features that use AI to automatically detect and block suspicious calls.
  3. Search unknown numbers: If you come across a missed call or receive a random message from an unknown number, you can search for it within the Whoscall app to see if other users have identified it as spam.
  4. URL Scanner: Whoscall has a built-in URL scanner that users can utilize to scan any links that they receive to verify if they are legitimate or safe. The scanner will show the credentials of the link and run it through a series of checks to ensure it is secure.
  5. Messaging App Integration: Whoscall is integrated with two leading messaging applications - Viber and WhatsApp. Users can use the app’s massive database to help identify unknown callers coming from these applications to help protect themselves as scammers start changing their methods of operations.

Here are some additional things to know about Whoscall:

  • Whoscall is a free app with a premium version that offers additional features, such as automatic database updates and ad-blocking.
  • The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.
  • Whoscall is available globally, and is widely used in various Asian countries.
  • Whoscall, through its parent company Gogolook, is partnered with various public and private organizations in the countries they are present in. In the Philippines, Whoscall has partnered with the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), the Cyber Battalion, Army Signal Regiment of the Philippine Army, Scam Watch Pilipinas, and GoTyme Bank.

Whoscall is a helpful tool for managing your incoming calls and messages and protecting yourself from spam and scams in real-time or for missed calls and any texts received from unknown numbers. Combined with better security practices, Whoscall helps protect you in today’s digitally connected world.

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