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GoTyme Bank Makes Regular Travel Possible with These Go Save Tips

23 Mar 2024
GoTyme Bank Makes Regular Travel Possible with These Go Save Tips
GoTyme Bank Makes Regular Travel Possible with These Go Save Tips

They call it budget travel, we call it traveling smart. In an era where global travel is becoming an active part of our yearly finances, the best travelers should always have three goals in mind: saving as much travel funds as possible, making the most out of their travel budget, and the most exciting one—having enough money to kickstart the next trip.

Digital-savvy GoTyme Bank proves that travels don’t need to distract from being financially fit. With its nifty saving features, and rewards that promote even more savings, travel can become a seamless part of one’s budget. Follow these wise traveling tips before your jet off to your next destination:

1. Open a separate account for travel funds.

First—the funds. Going laser-focus on your goal is the fastest way to save up for that trip. Get it started by creating a dedicated savings account solely for your travels, so you can track your progress with no distractions in sight. This step becomes a breeze with your GoTyme Bank Savings Account, where you can open up to 5 different accounts within the app, dedicated to your specific goals in mind—traveling, starting a business, building a house—just about any goal you’re aiming for. Keeping your travel savings alive via GoTyme Bank might just bring you more returns for future travels: with its 4% per annum interest—no missions, no limits—there’s always room to plan for another trip.

2. Schedule your travel savings.

Now that your travel savings account is set up, it’s time to fund it wisely. There’s no better feeling than going on your trip with more than enough money budgeted for a nice flight, a comfortable hotel, great food, beautiful sights, and even some quality shopping! Pre-travel tip: auto-schedule your savings so you can arrive at your travel budget goal right before boarding time. With your GoTyme Bank Go Save, it’s easy: explore Saving Tools on the GoTyme Bank app, indicate your Savings Target, and hit Auto-Save to schedule regular transfers to your travel fund.


3. When booking flights, use a card that gives you additional rewards.

Travel is slowly becoming a necessity more than a luxury, so make sure you get the most perks each time you book a flight. Use the GoTyme Bank Visa card you can claim at any GoTyme Bank kiosk to pay for your Cebu Pacific flight, and earn 1 additional Go Rewards point for every P80 spent on the final ticket price. Combined with you existing Go Rewards points, these points will earn you enough in time to avail of free flights, which you can redeem via your Go Rewards account. Paying for flights to redeem even more flights? Sounds like the smartest way to travel.


4. Maximize booking perks when choosing your accommodation.

There’s always a hotel booking promo going around online, so it’s wise to assess your options to get the best deal for your accommodations. In looking for places to stay during your trip, it isn’t enough to find a nice hotel—a website with generous deals will make your budget go a long, long way. GoTyme Bank Visa debit card’s promo with Agoda is a great example: use your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card via, and get an 8% off your travel accommodations anywhere in the world.

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