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GoTyme Bank: Championing Human Banking

12 Jul 2023
GoTyme Bank: Championing Human Banking
GoTyme Bank: Championing Human Banking

GoTyme Bank prides itself on championing human-centric banking: While fully digital, it has a raft of people who will assist customers every step of the way—from the staff of GoTyme Bank kiosks deployed in Robinsons retail networks across the country, where new customers can meet with human bank ambassadors who will handle the entire onboarding process safely right there and then, requiring only one valid government-issued ID—all in about five minutes, to Robinsons supermarket cashiers and other retail locations that serve as deposit and withdrawal points.   
From the get-go, GoTyme Bank provides the human connection to its user-friendly app developed by people who understand the value of straightforwardness. This assures customers that they’re in for a preferred banking service which gives them priority and is ready with solutions to their specific needs. 
Nate Clarke, GoTyme Bank CEO, said the brand immediately appealed to consumers with an awareness of, and appetite for, world-class banking products. “This will start with payments and savings, but there will be a move to investments and credit. The second phase that follows is actually more about serving all Filipinos, including those outside the cities.” He adds that GoTyme Bank is a twist on digital banks, “through a combination of a human and digital touch.” 
This GoTyme Bank human touch also includes the opportunity for customers to call, chat with, or email the company via personal bankers (CSAs) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
Albert Tinio, GoTyme Bank Co-CEO, says the bank holds out its human banking’s CSA promise: “This simply means there is always one person [the CSA] that will deal with a customer’s concern, a CSA will pick up a call or revert in an email in two minutes, and GoTyme Bank will respond to an inquiry within three hours.” 

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