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GoTyme Bank’s Go Save Allows Customers Up to 5% p.a. Interest Rate from their Savings Accounts

31 Mar 2023
GoTyme Bank’s Go Save Allows Customers Up to 5% p.a. Interest Rate from their Savings Accounts
GoTyme Bank’s Go Save Allows Customers Up to 5% p.a. Interest Rate from their Savings Accounts

When faced with the challenge of managing finances, we’re often fed a laundry list of investment options and expected returns. Aiming for high returns? Go for stocks or invest in real estate. Wanna play the long game? Open a time deposit. New investment options seem to be endless, but the tried and tested benefits of opening a savings account shouldn’t be overlooked.

Despite savings accounts being the safest and most popular of all the options, it’s often assumed that it provides the lowest returns. However, in today’s highly volatile economy, higher savings rates are back which further bolsters the already extensive list of benefits linked to the steady favorite: safe, sustainable, and low-risk. In summary, you sleep well knowing your hard earned money will always be there when you need it. A promise backed by the BSP’s PDIC insurance. With several new saving propositions entering the market, the key is finding a bank whose savings account allows you to reach your financial goals fastest with the least amount of hassle.

Consider GoTyme Bank, the newest player in Philippine banking, whose savings account named Go Save allows a single client to create five (5) separate Go Save accounts with customizable target timeframes to assist you in reaching your savings goals at your own pace. And at a repriced 5% interest rate starting April 1, opening a savings account has never been easier, fun and fulfilling. Simply put, it’s #SimplyFive.

GoTyme Bank’s Go Save is simple and comes with no strings attached—just a straightforward rate that comes with absolutely no missions, no limits and no headaches from small print and caveats. This 5% interest can be enjoyed without any mandatory minimum balance, without any deposit caps, and without any notice periods.

In the GoTyme app, you can save smarter and save more by setting a target savings amount within a target timeframe, schedule regular transfers, and save your change by adding to your Go Save account whenever you purchase with your card. Add these nifty in-app tools and the 5% interest rate, and you’ll be reaping major returns along with the safety and stability that comes with a savings account.

“No minimum balance, no deposit caps. Just simple savings,” summarizes Albert Tinio, GoTyme Bank’s co-CEO and Chief Commercial Officer. “Our vision is clear: we will introduce next-level banking products that empower all Filipinos to unlock their financial potential. Go Save is another step towards delivering on our promise.”

Other than the #SimplyFive 5% interest rate, GoTyme Bank’s unique features truly make it an exciting player in the market: GoRewards points boosters at Robinsons Retails stores, Cebu Pacific bookings, and on Caltex transactions. GoTyme also offers 3 free transfers per week to any bank.

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