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2023 Year-end Message from GoTyme Bank

22 Dec 2023
2023 Year-end Message from GoTyme Bank
2023 Year-end Message from GoTyme Bank

Hello fellow GoTymers,

Before enjoying a break with family and friends over the holidays, we wanted to extend a huge thank you for the role you played in making 2023 an amazing year for GoTyme Bank.

We began the year mostly unknown to the public: we were the newest bank on the block at only two months old and didn’t rank on any industry list of top banks in the country.  

We were, however, equipped with two things that no other bank had: 

  1. A preferred bank account offering with a human touch that was ready for distribution to everyone (not just the wealthiest 3 to 5%).  The GoTyme Bank strategy was simple: replicate or do better than a traditional bank’s ‘preferred bank account’ across all phases from account opening to fees, loyalty, savings rates, app experience, and customer service.

  2. You! A fast-growing customer base that was MUCH, MUCH more than a typical customer base. You engaged us at a level the industry has never seen before. You gave us feedback on what you love (and what you don’t). You gave us suggestions on what we need to add and improve. But most importantly, you promoted and educated your family and friends on why they should try us out.

I’m happy to share that the combination of GoTyme’s preferred banking proposition and your incredible support led to out-sized results.

After entering 2023 as the newest bank on the block, we wrap up the year a very different position. As of today, GoTyme Bank is:

  • Trusted by more than 2 million customers (and growing at over 250,000 new customers every month);
  • Trusted with over PHP 10 billion in deposits;
  • Trusted with over 10 million transactions a month;
  • Ranked #7 bank in the country by monthly InstaPay transactions;
  • Ranked #7 bank in the country by active debit cards;
  • Ranked #5 bank in the country by monthly app-active customers;

Despite these exciting results, we promise not to slow down or become complacent as we know we have lots of work ahead of us. Instead, the 2023 successes provide fuel for us to push harder and faster towards GoTyme’s vision of unlocking the financial potential of all Filipinos.

Happy Holidays and thanks again for joining us on this exciting journey!

Nate and Abet

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