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Essential Rewards Promo
Essential Rewards Promo

Essential Rewards Promo

Promo period is from October 2, 2023 to December 27, 2023.

  1. This promo is open to new and existing active GoTyme Bank Corporation (“GoTyme”) and Go Rewards users who will successfully pay with GoTyme debit card in any of the merchants below, with a minimum spend of P110 per transaction.
    1. App Stores with at least 1 million apps available for download, specifically Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In-app and other online purchases using the same app store accounts linked to GoTyme debit card may also qualify for the promo, subject to conditions stated herein.
    2. Top 2 food delivery platforms in terms of market share in the Philippines, specifically Grab and Foodpanda. All purchases in those platforms – whether rides, grocery, food delivery, or e-wallet top-up may qualify for the promo, subject to conditions stated herein.
    3. Top 1 motorcycle-taxi booking app in terms of rider count in the Philippines, specifically Angkas.
    4. Pioneer and market-leader in bills payment industry, specifically Bayad Center. Both branch and web payments to Bayad Center qualify for the promo, subject to conditions stated herein.
    5. Top 1 on-demand 3PL service provider in terms of diversity of vehicle options, specifically Lalamove.

  2. Qualified users will get Go Rewards points worth 0.08%, 0.8%, 8%, or 88% of their total transaction amount for every qualified transaction, with a maximum of 3 qualifying transactions per user per calendar month, and maximum of 500 points awarded for every qualifying transaction. The reward for this promotion will be awarded to eligible users, on top of the standard points they earn from a regular debit card transaction (i.e. 1 point for every P600 spend for non partner-stores).
    1. Qualified users will be informed of their reward tier (e.g. 0.08%, 0.8%, 8%, or 88%) on the day that their reward is credited through an in-app communication from GoTyme.

  3. Go Rewards points will be reflected in the customer’s account within 7 banking days from successful transaction.

  4. GoTyme reserves the right to withhold, refuse, withdraw, or take back the awarding of Go Rewards points from users and their respective balances, without prior notice and even if the user has already received and/or used the Go Rewards points awarded if any of the following occur:
    1. GoTyme reasonably suspects and/or proves that the Qualified user engaged in or employed fraudulent, unfair, and/or illegal schemes, methods, means or devices (i.e. abuse of system or weakness in the promo to win prizes or receive benefits, using fictitious accounts, etc.);
    2. GoTyme deems that the Qualified user is or was not qualified from participating in this promo and/or should not be entitled to the award;
    3. The Qualified user’s GoTyme or Go Rewards account is invalid, suspended, dormant, or closed;
    4. The Qualified failed to abide by the terms and conditions of GoTyme and/or Go Rewards; or
    5. Should the qualified transaction be cancelled or declined, whether the cancellation is customer- or merchant-initiated.

  5. If your Go Rewards points balance is insufficient to cover the amount to be withdrawn or taken back at the time of withdrawal or taking back, GoTyme reserves the right to either:
    1. debit the unused Go Rewards points from user’s Go Rewards points balance when such balance becomes sufficient; or
    2. debit payment for the Go Rewards points from any of the user’s existing GoTyme accounts at a rate of PHP .80 per awarded Go Rewards point to be taken back or withdrawn.

  6. GoTyme Bank is solely responsible for the fulfillment of this promotion, notwithstanding that the GoTyme debit card is used for purchases with a third-party.

  7. This promotion is not a partnership with these merchants in any way and has not been coordinated with these retail merchants. GoTyme is solely responsible for the execution of this promotion through the unilateral award of points to customers' accounts.

  8. The customer must notify GoTyme for any complaints regarding the promo within thirty (30) days from the end of the promo period. The decision of GoTyme on the complaint with concurrence of DTI-FTEB shall be considered final. For clarifications and complaints relative to this promo, please email

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-176448 Series of 2023

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