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Robinsons Magnolia: It’s Show Tyme
Robinsons Magnolia: It’s Show Tyme

Robinsons Magnolia: It’s Show Tyme

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promo is open to all active GoTyme Bank account holders (“Customer”).

  2. Promo is valid from September 20 to December 31, 2023.

  3. Customer must purchase at least one (1) movie ticket using his/her Gotyme Bank Visa Debit Card within the promo period to qualify (“Qualifying Transaction”). Each Customer is limited to only one (1) Qualifying Transaction per day regardless of the number of tickets purchased.

  4. Customer must purchase the movie ticket at Robinsons Movieworld Magnolia to be considered a Qualifying Transaction. Tickets purchased on the Robinsons Movieworld website will not be included as a Qualifying Transaction.

  5. Once the Qualifying Transaction is completed, the customer may proceed to claim their free popcorn stub at the designated GoTyme Bank booth located at the 4th floor of Robinsons Magnolia (“GoTyme Bank Booth”).

  6. Customers who complete Qualifying Transactions may claim one (1) FREE popcorn stub which shall only be valid on the same screening date indicated on the movie ticket. In order to claim the FREE popcorn stub , the Customer must present the following to the booth attendant at the GoTyme Bank Booth on the same screening date indicated on the movie ticket: (I) his or her valid physical movie ticket/s for the same day purchased using GoTyme Bank Visa Debit Card; and (ii) the original copy of the official receipt with free popcorn stamp from the Robinsons Movieworld Magnolia counter attendant. The physical movie ticket/s and the official receipt must be presented in good and readable condition. Dates of purchase on the physical movie ticket and official receipt should match in order to get the FREE popcorn stub.

  7. Any personal or sensitive information supplied by Customer to GoTyme pursuant to this promo will be understood as the Customer’s express, active, and positive consent to allow GoTyme its affiliates, and authorized/partner third- parties, to collect and process such information for the purpose of determining eligibility and other marketing purposes (“Purpose”). Such consent shall be valid until the purposes enumerated have been fulfilled. Furthermore, a Customer’s presentation of any details regarding your deposit accounts with GoTyme shall be taken as Customer’s express waiver of your right to secrecy of the bank deposits under Section 2 of Republic Act No. 1405 or “An Act Prohibiting Disclosure of or Inquiry into Deposits with any Banking Institution and Providing Penalty Therefore”, and Republic Act No. 8791 or the General Banking Law of 2000.

  8. Each popcorn stub will have a unique control number.

  9. Customer should hand over the physical popcorn stub at the snack counter on the same screening date indicated on the movie ticket to get their FREE popcorn bucket.

  10. A customer can only redeem one (1) popcorn stub (equivalent to one popcorn bucket) per day.
  11. Customers are not allowed to split transactions. Strictly one popcorn stub (equivalent to one popcorn bucket) per day can be redeemed per account number.

  12. Qualified Participants confirmed or suspected to be fraudulent, invalid, or subject of promo abuse shall be disqualified from receiving the popcorn stub or the popcorn bucket under this promo.

  13. The customer must notify GoTyme Bank for any complaints regarding the promo. The decision of GoTyme Bank on the complaint, with concurrence of DTI FTEB, where applicable, shall be considered final. For clarifications and complaints relative to this promo, please email 

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-176192 Series of 2023 

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