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GoTyme Bank Leaders Accept the ‘Swipe to Give Back’ Challenge in La Union

17 Mar 2023
GoTyme Bank Leaders Accept the ‘Swipe to Give Back’ Challenge in La Union
GoTyme Bank Leaders Accept the ‘Swipe to Give Back’ Challenge in La Union

GoTyme Bank, a Gokongwei Group Bank, has partnered with Ride PH, a program on Cignal TV’s One News PH, to complete a series of “cashless challenges” using a GoTyme Bank Visa debit card. This is to showcase not only the ease and convenience of having a GoTyme Bank account but also to prove that every transaction made with GoTyme Bank is safe and secure. Even better: GoTyme Bank cards are accepted anywhere, thanks to its partnership with Visa.

As part of the bank’s initiative of giving back to communities by maintaining the health of our oceans and beaches, GoTyme Bank executives Albert Tinio, Eelan Reyes, and Raymund Villanueva take part in Swipe to Give Back Challenge: La Union with Ride PH’s Jay Taruc, wherein every transaction made in their trip will be donated to La Union’s turtle sanctuary and CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions), an NGO taking the lead in sea turtle conservation.

The Give Back

The Swipe to Give Back Challenge: La Union TV feature has three episodes. The first episode introduces you to the purpose of the trip, the “cashless challenges” the riders will encounter, the route they will take, and the motorbikes they will use. You then meet the riders and learn about their riding background, as well as their reasons and expectations for the trip. Then, it takes off as they go through their first cashless challenges. 
The second episode, on the other hand, features more cashless challenges on the road, with situations like stopping over for meals and gassing up.

Finally, the third episode features their arrival at La Union, more cashless challenges in the area, and their meeting with CURMA and La Union’s turtle sanctuary. Viewers will also witness the hatching of new sea turtles and their release into the ocean.

The first and second episodes aired on March 4 and 11 respectively, while the third episode will air on March 18, Saturday at 7 p.m. on One News Channel 8 and Channel 250 on Cignal TV. 

Swipe for the Sea

Sea turtles are “key stone species” with important roles in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem. For one, they help keep coral reef ecosystems healthy and productive, and bring nutrients to beaches and coasts. Unfortunately, all Philippine turtle species—the Green, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Leatherback, and Olive Ridley Turtle—are endangered because of plastic pollution, global warming, the turtle shell trade, and more.

Now, it’s our job to make an effort to be connected to each other and the world. After all, this is what truly makes us human.

As a bank that puts a high value on social responsibility, GoTyme Bank puts its heart into taking care of not only its customers but the world that takes care of it.

GoTyme Bank cardholders can also take part in the Swipe to Give Back Challenge: La Union initiative this year. For every swipe of your GoTyme Bank Visa debit card in Alpas Cafe, La Union until December 2023, GoTyme Bank donates P100 to CURMA for sea turtle conservation.

GoTyme Bank cardholders can also earn 3x Go Rewards points when they use their GoTyme Bank Visa debit card to shop at any Go Rewards partner stores. Click here to know more.

Catch Swipe to Give Back Challenge: La Union on Ride PH through their YouTube Channel and on One News PH on Cignal TV. 

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