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GoTyme Bank Onboards “Gollaborators” to Experience Next-Level Banking

05 Oct 2022
GoTyme Bank Onboards “Gollaborators” to Experience Next-Level Banking
GoTyme Bank Onboards “Gollaborators” to Experience Next-Level Banking

Online communities have grown to cater to different interests, evolving from offering fun and entertainment into channels for information and exchange of fresh ideas in the digital age. Bank supports this sense of community and shares in the Filipino value of bayanihan by putting the spotlight on online community leaders and tapping them as Gollaborators. They are among the first to experience next level banking with GoTyme Bank, which enables customers to send funds, earn shopping rewards, and open a secure savings account in under five minutes. GoTyme Bank gathered some of the founders of the biggest and most engaged online communities in an event to launch the exciting features that come with a GoTyme Bank account. Among the Gollaborators present at the launch were journalist and Ride PH founder Jay Taruc, Charm De Leon of Ready2Adult PH, Frances Cabatuando of Home Buddies, and Genesis Macale and Jonard Edos of Digital Banks PH. Other community founders who were able to sign on for GoTyme Bank’s safe and secure banking services were Jacob and Winnie Rose Maralit of Bright Millenials, Thea Sy Bautista of Tita Talks PH, Nikki Jurado of Nomad Finance Girls, Enery Franklin Dy and Jason Franklin Alamar of Financial Literacy PH, “Tipid Mommy” Gracie Miranda-Maulion, and Maria Korina Bertulfo of FHMoms.

Online community leaders were onboarded as GoTyme Bank 'Gollaborators' to champion financial inclusion. From left: Enery Franklin Dy (Financial Literacy PH) Jonard Edos (Digital Banks PH), Genesis Macale (Digital Banks PH), Maria Maria Korina Bertulfo (FHMoms), Jellene Maulion-Mallari (Tipid Hack Philippines), Jason Matthew Alamar (Financial Literacy PH), Nikki Jurado (Nomad Finance Girls), Thea Sy Bautista (Tita Talks PH), Frances Cabatuando (Home Buddies), Charm De Leon (Ready2AdultPH).

As GoTyme Bank Gollaborators, the online community leaders were among the first to experience the advantages of having a GoTyme Bank account, which incorporates exciting features that are set to change the way Filipinos bank. Albert Tinio, GoTyme Bank Co-CEO and Chief Commercial Officer, discussed the three main features of a GoTyme Bank account. “Our first feature is Send. Transferring and moving funds is a necessity that will be made easier and more convenient with secure features. Shop, the second feature, will enable practical Filipinos to stretch their peso with a more rewarding experience when they shop and earn rewards at Robinsons stores and other partner establishments. As a bank, GoTyme will also focus on Save, the third feature. GoTyme Bank’s Go Save accounts will earn interest with no worries on minimum balances or maximum caps."

Gollaborator Frances Cabatuando of Homebuddies says that their community discusses shopping finds and even buying their ideal home. “I think the community will be able to appreciate the security and convenience of fund transfers along with the rewards that come with using their GoTyme account for payments. There was also this story of someone who kept their cash at home and it was eaten by termites. With the ease of opening an account at a kiosk, it will be easier to get more Filipinos living in remote areas to own a bank account.”

Jay Taruc, whose Ride PH community has many delivery riders as members says that having access to GoTyme Bank can help them manage their payments. “Transferring money to an account will be a very welcome development for them.”

For Charm de Leon of Ready2AdultPH, GoTyme Bank’s GoSave feature will be of interest to her community. “It really makes it [saving] so much easier and so much faster compared to keeping track of your savings yourself. Using technology to really make it easier for us to have better saving habits.” FH Moms Inc. CEO and Founder Maria Krina Bertulfo says “GoTyme Bank will make it easier for Filipinas who are not tech savvy to save and invest”.

Nate Clarke, President and CEO of GoTyme Bank adds that GoTyme Bank will provide solutions to serve unmet financial potential in the country. “While access to basic digital payments has dramatically improved over the last few years, the vast majority of Filipinos still lack access to high quality banking: affordable credit, basic insurance, and high yield investment products.  Through next level products, our unique high tech, high touch distribution model, and the trust of communities led by our Gollaborators, GoTyme will unlock the financial potential of Filipinos.”

Lance Gokongwei, President and CEO of JG Summit Holdings, adds, “GoTyme Bank ties in with the Gokongwei Group’s ultimate vision and commitment to create better choices for our customers. We want to create access to success for more Filipinos as they become beneficiaries of financial inclusion and better financial prospects.” 

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